Welcome to my life and site! I feel blessed and I thank God for my children and health daily! I’m also thankful to Bravo, Relative Success, and of course Tabatha Coffey for helping me get on the right path.

I have a lot of people calling me for advice and life coaching after the show aired on Bravo Relative Success  single moms, single dads people in difficult relationships so I have decided to go back to what we use to do and speak on the road to help people get through their transition and end up on top with what ever they may be going through and that is why it is called MegaPeople because I help you become your ultimate you

  • MegaBravo Seminar REGISTRATION
  •  May 5th Beverly Hilton Hotel Beverly Hills CA 10 am to 5pm
  • June 2nd Minneapolis Minnesota 10-5pm
  • $99.00 registration  $150.00 at the door on May 5th

Seminar Lineup

  1. Confidence – What makes the difference in Every ones life to make it or break it building you up when and never falling down
  2. Relationships  and Family- Personal and Professional making the most out of each person
  3. Goals and Business – getting what you want when you want it and how to take action
  4. Money – Finance structure, corporate credit, lending, loans, home buying and selling
  5. Overcoming your challenges putting a plan in place

Opportunity for one on one with Megan

I want to thank everyone who’s reached out to me with support after seeing what I’ve been through over the last three years – and yes, I realize that a lot of you are in a similar situation yourself and looking for guidance just like I was.

I want to help, and I’m going to be launching a radio show soon to provide a mixture of finance, real estate, life skills & emotional support. As you know from seeing me on Bravo’s Relative Success, finance is one of the main causes of failed relationships – and I feel strongly about helping people to get back on track with it like I have.

I’m also starting a series called “MegaCouples” to work on resolving issue and transforming their lives. Sometimes it helps to have someone take a look from the outside, just as Tabatha Coffey did for us. In our case, it meant the end of our marriage, but ultimately a lot of personal growth for both Zeke and myself.

The MegaCouples seminar will be May 5th, 2018 in Los Angeles, with 200 seats available. If you want to attend please contact us using the form on ur contact page. The price will be $99.00, and yes I’ll see if i can get Zeke to show up. We’ll show you how we’ve learned to have a great relationship apart and worked through the issues everyone has seen.

If Zeke and I can do it then anyone can! We’ve both become stronger and better apart – and that is what MegaCouples is all about – becoming the biggest and the best you can be individually and as a couple! Remember, happy wife (or ex-wife) means a  happy life!  I look forward to meeting you in LA!